Want to learn Linden Scripting Language?

If you are like me, perhaps new programming languages may seem intimidating. Linden Scripting Language (LSL) is a great language and can really add a lot to your inworld endeavors.

Often it is the simple things that add value for your users. Perhaps just giving out a notecard, displaying some hover text, opening a URL, or other scripts that you have seen inworld. I just learned a piece of code that allows an object to open your map and offer to teleport you anywhere in the grid. It’s a nice alternative to a landmark giver and saves the user a click. But I digress . . . (those code snippets will be made available in an LSL library I am developing for eLearning Guild DevLearn 2008 conference attendees).

Torley Linden posted a new tutorial on a fantastic tool to help get your feet wet with LSL. The tool was created by Ann Enigma and is available (with wonderful documentation) at 3greeneggs. Torley’s video tutorial is available on the Second Life Blog here.