eLearning Guild DevLearn08 Presentation

eLearning Guild DevLearn Conference

The DevLearn08 concurrent session descriptions are up and live and it is very exciting to be a part of this.

An exciting aspect is that we (the iliveisl estate team) will have a dedicated sim online for session participants to explore building and machinima techniques.  It will be a big sandbox with at least a 4 hour build time (meaning that objects will be autoreturned every 4 hours to keep from lagging the sim).

To obtain sim access and build permissions, just let me know your avatar name and you will be invited to a Second Life group (name yet to be determined).  Feel free to post your aSecond Life vatar name here, or drop a notecard to Subquark Hax (my IMs get capped so a notecard insures that I get it).

After a few minor edits, the session 708 verbage will look like this:

Add Second Life to your Training without Having Users Log into Second Life

Leverage Second Life (SL) as a Web 2.0 eLearning tool.  Learners do not need to access Second Life to benefit.  In this session you will learn how to record and edit metaverse video, add audio, and incorporate it into Flash to create immersive learning simulations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • creating a video script based on an existing course,
  • video capture tools and optimal settings for their use, both inworld and outside of Second Life,
  • creating “sets” in Second Life for your filming,
  • creating outfits for your inworld cast,
  • overriding Second Life environmental settings for lighting,
  • avatar specific settings for optimal filming,
  • video directing and editing “best practices”,
  • audio tools and “best practices”, and
  • importing video into Flash to create questions, scenarios, and overview videos.

Video walkthroughs of all aspects will be presented and made available for download, as well as supporting materials, to enable you to create your own Flash interactions.  A private in-world “sandbox” will allow you to practice these skills for 45 days after the conference.

Intermediate Designers and Developers with intermediate-level Flash and Second Life skills.

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