Amphitheatre for the eLearning Guild

When asked about possibly providing a Second Life location for a Question and Answer session for the Guild Summer Seminar Series, I gladly offered my building skills and the use of iliveisl land.

And off I went in my beaver avatar (it’s a French Canadian thing). The build took about 4 hours using megaprims. Megaprims allow for the creation of shapes that would be very difficult to achieve with normal prims. A few Photoshop textures later and voila, a 40 seat amphitheatre and room for 6 panelists and a moderator.

Even details like water and a coffee maker are provided (a 1905 Victoria Arduino Caffe Espresso maker no less).

While this is a temporary build, look for it in November for the DevLearn08 conference.

A full sim will be provided for conference attendees exclusive use during, and after, the conference.

Consider attending my session if you are interested in seeing how easy, and affordable it is to add Second Life video (machinima) to your eLearning.


Originally uploaded by iliveiSL