Second Life Video (Machinima) Tool Links

This is just a start to what will be an exhaustive list of tools used for doing machinima in Second Life for use in your elearning material.

I found this information through hours of searching and hope to save you some time.  The links are to products I use in my work now and each product will also be covered in my session at Devlearn08 on using Second Life as an inexpensive video source.

Note:  This is a work in progress and User Guides will be created specific to lessons learned in the use of these tools for use in elearning.

Fraps – this is a video capture tool that is often used to record World of Warcraft and other online games.  It maintains a very high frame rate (over 30 typically on my machine). Cost: $37 USD

Sizer – this freeware utility is incredibly important for creating as crisp a video as possible.  It is also a huge time saver after it’s initial, and easy, set up.  Maintaining crisp video is a simple matter of filming the video to the exact size you will be using in your eLearning material, thus avoiding any anti-aliasing.

WavePad – the free version is much easier to use than it initially looks.

FilmingPath – this is an “in world” camera that allows for very smooth camera pans and dolly shots.

QuickTime Pro – If you want to make video podcasts, this is a vital tool for converting your AVI files to the iPod format and it is only $29 USD.

CamStudio – the free screencasting software from which Camtasia was built.