iliveisl Estate

I am always one to share, have been like that for a long time.  And that includes the estate.  I am behind the scenes in day to day operations but want to emphasize that there are several meeting places that are open to anyone for free use.  Second Life is all about collaboration and providing space is a little part I can add back to the community.

I took 214 pictures of the estate as homage to the work done by Ener Hax.  A true artist with terraforming and landscaping.  Even a half dozen waterfalls and details like the converted Fallout shelter (now the Eville Atomic Lounge) and the catacombs beneath the city streets of Enercity.

There are wonderful details like the hot dog cart at the ferry landing and the 1905 Vittoria Arduino espresso maker at the docked zeppelin on the 300 meter rooftop in Enercity Park.

Look it up inworld by searching for Enercity Park or grab a slurl from

And if you get hooked and want to see how it can be used in your eLearning, then come see me at DevLearn08 session 708 and see how you can bring Second Life into your toolkit as an easy and low cost medium.