We get serious blogosphere time!

elgStage_020, Originally uploaded by iliveiSL

I was pleasantly surprised to see this build posted as sidebar content on one of the top elearning blogs!

Brent Schenkler from the eLearning Guild asked me to create a venue for a panel discussion being held for the Guild’s Summer Series for use by eBay and Sun Microsystems.

Often, due to a hundred reasons, follow up gets lost and it’s uncertain of the value of things like this.  I have experience creating similar venues for up to 200 users (even on the four corner intersection, it gets pretty laggy!  Although if everyone sits, it makes a noticeable difference).  I have seen those in action and received the type of feedback everyone can understand – money.

But volunteer builds like this often are used and then taken back into inventory and soon forgotten (I have done about a dozen free builds of stages, club houses, and offices for special inworld groups).  The iliveisl estate was gracious enough to allow this build some permanence and it was scaled down for groups of 16-20 and moved to the adjacent park in Enercity for public use by anyone in Second Life.

So it was indeed a thrill to see how well it was liked when I stumbled upon it on Brent’s blog.  According to Alexa rankings he gets an average of 250 visits a day.  He is certainly a serious player in the elearning world.  Thanks Brent!

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Note: Anyone may feel free to use this stage for any of your inworld needs.  Just search “Enercity park” in Second life.  And (shameless plug) come see me at DevLearn08 session 708 on how you can bring Second Life into your eLearning.