DevLearn08 Breakfast Bytes

Come participate in an informal discussion, Second Life – Giving it a Second Try, over breakfast Friday November 14th with David Anderson and myself.  You will come away with a greater knowledge of Second Life and it’s place in eLeaning.

About the facilitators:

David Anderson is offering a DevLearn08 workshop entitled A Practical Guide to Using Virtual Worlds/Second Life for Learning.  If you are new to Second Life, thinking of exploring it, or ready to move ahead, his workshop will be incredibly valuable for you.  I have participated in online forums held by David and his information is not only current, but he provides resources that allow you to act right now.

My DevLearn08 session, Add Second Life to your Training without Having Users Log into Second Life, follows a case study in which a text-based lesson is converted into a more immersive learning experience.  Starting with a “text and image” lesson written by a subject matter expert, we will write an easy-to-follow script that will help us create inexpensive video footage using Second Life.  This video footage will then be integrated with the lesson to create a richer learning experience.

If you attend David’s workshop and my session, you will be equipped with the knowledge to effectively start using Second Life right away.  We both will provide resources that will help you right now.

We hope to see you at DevLearn08! And join us for breakfast!


David Anderson
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David Miller
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