oops! Our bad! And happy Halloween!

A funny thing happened on the way to the sim . . . it seems that we (myself and Ener) overlooked the sl issue of teleporting to map found places.  In other words, when you do an inworld map search without coordinates, you end up at ground level in the centre of the sim (128,128).  The map search has no way of knowing if any structures are at that location and so drops you at ground level.

Well, I have been telling folks to search for Enercity Park as a starting place to use our resources.  Only problem is that Enercity Park is part of a planned nine sim city.  And that city has catacombs under the streets.  The catacombs are there just for fun, but they are “trenched” and under the apparent ground level.

So if you TP straight to Enercity Park you end up under the catacombs and this can be disorienting for new sl folks.  And to add to the confusion, if you have audio on, you will hear moaning.  And although it’s not funny, I had to laugh at what kind of experince that must be!  Teleporting ans ending up under water, under a structure that you can’t walk out of and hearing moaning!!!  =D

Well the moaning is from zombies placed there for Halloween!  Only they are spawning above you so you might have no clue what the heck it is.

Well, maybe it’s a learning experience (gee, that sounds good).  Since you are allowed to create objects in that sim, just rez a box and sit on it.  Then edit it’s position to about 34 metres up.  Ta dah!  Out of the catacombs to freedom!

Obviously, we will address this, but can’t help to wonder how many people experienced this.  Beware, damage is enabled and the zombies do bite . . . happy Halloween!