Getting the most from Session 708

DevLearn08 is upon us! To maximize our one hour together in session 708 here are a few things you can do that don’t take much time.

Watch the GuildCast interview, take a quick look at the sample “before” lesson and script, and watch the “original” video. If you are looking for an inexpensive and fairly straightforward way to add video to your eLearning, then this session will have value for it.

It’s not about making a game but about making your eLearning a more immersive and richer experience with the realities of what many eLearning departments face this year. Small budgets, full schedules, limited resources (people and software), and so on.

If you understand fussing over a 2 credit Dreamstime or iStockPhoto image and wishing you could do real video, then this session is for you. The software needed for this is inexpensive ($37 for a highly recommended video capture application) and the actual techniques are quick to learn and use.

The biggest factor here is not the software or technique, but your imagination. Hope to see you there!

sample lesson & script (live on Tuesday)
concept video

Additional suggestions are attending David Anderson’s workshop on Second Life, Breakfast Bytes on Friday morning, and DemoFest Thursday afternoon (table 37 is this topic in action).