DevLearn08 a Success and More!

yay - thank you all!

Thanks to the eLearning Guild for a fantastic conference!  And I want to thank all of those who made DemoFest, Breakfast Bytes, and my Friday session so wonderful. I was humbled by your acceptance of my enthusiasm (read: thanks for puttting up with me).  But it seems that there is a real need for what I am doing with Second Life.

And I want to make sure I put up the resources that will help you explore this straightforward way of looking at Second Life.  The tutorial files on the DevLearn links are too big and don’t have audio to them.  Once I return back home, I will create a series of video podcasts with audio (and text for my Deaf and HOH friends) that go into more detail and show a more complete process.

It is apparent that the techniques I use have a possible place with all of you.  The techniques are straightforward and the learning curve is certainly not as steep as it may appear.  As a comparison, I would estimate the learning curve to be less than a quarter of that for flash.  And the complexity is far less.  That’s what I like about this, it allows you to focus more on your content than on the technology.  And after all, it’s about educating people – not about how hard it was to execute.

I sincerely thank all of you and truly honour your kind words.  I know that I was wound up (pretty normal actually) and we could easily have spent a day in a workshop on these techniques. I just want to share my passion for this easy way to create video.  Remember, keep it simple, the return for making it more complicated or polished is often a path to more frustration.  Leave that energy for creating camera shots that add motion and grace to your end video footage.

So come the end of November, check back for the start of a series of videos explaining how to do this and how to fit it into your elearning.

In the meanwhile, the hand out (available on the DevLearn08 link of do show the step-by-step process for the tools we talked about today.  Also, do check out Second Life, maybe go play on the sandbox in Enercity Easton (a slurl – link – is posted earlier on in this blog).   Once inworld, use the Search function then the Events tab, and then Education and look for what looks interesting to you.  Even those classes that don’t seem directly related to what you want to do are beneficial to helping you become more comfortable isl (in Second Life).

If you can find a creative outlet (and that can simply be exploring and socializing), then Second Life will become easier to use.  Remember, it’s intended to be relatively easy to use and don’t let anyone make you feel differently.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and genuine interest in this use of Second Life.  Now that the conference is over, if you truly have an ignited interest in Second Life, then talk to either me, Subquark Hax, or my land partner Ener Hax about maybe setting up some land for extended use.  There are also the public spaces on our estate that you can always use including the fabulous 1950’s atominc fallout shelter turned Martini Lounge!

Most of all, have fun!

Oh, if you think there would be a place for a book on this, please let me know.  The techniques are not directly related to software versions so it might work out well as a workbook or guide.  I am seriously considering publishing this and your input would be genuinely appreciated.  After all, my view is limited and the input that you gave me over the week was very exciting.

Note: I mentioned my first projects and then were asked about them. Here are the links:
Art Gallery for Deaf Norwegian Artist
Deaf Meeting Place

The art gallery is long gone, but I do have a THiNC book displaying all the art available inworld (THiNC books are great ways to create books within Second Life).