subQuark gets facelift for online forums

While working on the online forum presentation for the eLearning Guild, I took breaks by revamping and creating new mini Moo cards. The new header image for subQuark is also used in the mini Moos.  Mini Moo cards are interesting in their size and a set of 100 is $20.  Now you can get business cards for less, but probably not with full bleeds and full colour.  Plus, I almost flipped out when I met with a few business Linden’s in San Fran and saw that Linden Lab uses mini Moos!  And with mini Moos, you can upload up to 100 pictures/graphics for your set.  That’s pretty cool and makes for an interesting variety.

The videos are coming along well for the forum and the DemoFest entry from DevLearn08 has been sized to it’s original size for proper viewing.  The version on was scaling to 640 by480 resulting in pixelation.  The original version was intended for podcasting at 320 by 240. It can be seen on either or

Also added were the full text script which should be included in all video eLearning pieces. It’s easy to discuss accessibility but we often fall short as eLearning providers.

the subQuark website gets a facelift

the subQuark website gets a facelift