lol, I need some serious schooling

Well being a great follower of Maki at doshdosh, I thought I had a clue.  But . . . finding external links to posts about my use of Second Life seems elusive to me.  Case in point the earlier post I made about Brent’s post about me at DevLearn08.  Doh!  If it took me 6 weeks to stumble upon that one, what else am I missing?

Here is a link to a German blog that I only found via Brent’s blog.  And a second post on Brandon Hall.

And it’s not so much to promote me, as to promote the use of Second Life as a video source.  I truly believe it’s a viable option for eLearning providers.  I even have a person from the University of Glasgow using it for continuing education credits for doctors!  So it may just be what you need to!  It certainly would add to your toolkit.

So if anyone has a link to something that would help me understand how to find these types of links, give us a shout!  Thanks.  :)