eLearning Guild Online Forums went very well

My session on using Second Life video went well, mostly due to Karen Hyder.  She met with me 4 times in advance to make sure I was comfortable with Adobe Connect.  She made it a breeze (pun intended, another Adobe product).  Seriously, she is quite an asset to the Guild and I commend  her patience and expertise.

Links to session materials are here and should help anyone interested in using Second Life as a 3D creation tool for their eLearning material.  There’s even a handout on importing video into Flash. And it does not have to be just video.  “Snapshots” from Second Life can be a great resource as well.  And the price is certainly right!

If you are on a tight budget, both in money and time, then explore Second Life.  Feel free to come build in Enercity Park and use the video tutorials here as well as the handouts for the various conferences and forums I have posted (links always on the main page of subQuark).

Have fun and feel free to contact me (email on subQuark).

Online Forum was fun

Online Forum was fun