Grassroots marketing, do it for free

I have been wanting to flesh out some easy, and free, internet marketing tactics.  There are a lot of blogs that discuss this and my favourite is DoshDosh (dosh is British slang for money).  Maki does a great job at exploring effective, and profitable, means of using many free tools to help you establish a meaningful presence online.

I distilled some tools that are effective for this in a blog post I wrote here.  Check it out if you need to see how to get into the social media tools out there. Some are better than others depending on your needs.

For my attempts here, I use additional tools like forums specific to elearning providers.  For my part in a Second Life virtual real estate business, tools like LinkedIn and Facebook don’t work but Flickr works extremely well. They work so well that the iliveisl blog ranked 50th as top growing WordPress blogs in January:

Persistence and free tools pay off

Persistence and free tools pay off

Experiment with tools, use analytics to determine which ones to set aside and which ones to focus on.  Good luck!