New Video Tutorial – The Prequel!

Since these tutorials have been support materials for presentations, there was not the need to have one on what it is I do. Well, as the videos start to form enough information to stand on their own – it made sense to make one saying what this is all about.

So on the video tutorial page is the prequel called Second Life® as a 3D Animation Tool in both a Flash version with transcript text and an MOV file.  Including a transcript of the spoken word is important and something eLearning providers preach but often don’t do.  And it’s not just for Deaf or HOH, but people without speakers, people who are visual learners, people who may not understand those occasionally mumbled words.  Here is a great article as an introduction to Deaf issues in eLearning. She has a wealth of information on her blog as well. My first project in Second Life was for a Deaf community and I subsequently did a few more projects for other Deaf groups inworld.

And more often than not, we have the spoken word in the storyboard or as a script, so there’s no excuse to not include it.  That’s the downfall of podcasting – the small resolution of 320 by 240.  However, I am certain that with a bit of planning, it is also possible to do text in that size.  If anyone has good samples of mobile content that is 320 x 240 video with full text, pass it on.  Thanks!

Onward to the prequel . . . in a galaxy far far away . . . a virtual galaxy!