Sometimes you have to be silly

And our very own Enercity Public Works Commissioner is just the type to shed light on humour.  Pun intended as I discovered a bit of whimsy on the iliveisl estate.  Complete with backstory!

It was a nice break from just focusing on video tutorials and a book outline over the last month.  And reminded me that it’s okay, in fact necessary, to make time to play.  I am inspired to break out the megaprims and build something just for the sake of building.

Second Life is wonderful in that way.  You can create architecture that could never exist in the real world and even make it functional for inworld use.  And often, that type of play hones our skills (think kitten playing with a ball – seems like a fun time but it’s a hunting skill being practiced).

So make sure to just play, you might discover that making objects physical is a fun way to make rolling pacmans that then become corporate building team tools.  And it all came from just playing.

Enercity coffee rotating billboard and street lamp

Enercity coffee rotating billboard and street lamp