Some sample uses of Second Life

I am always asked for samples of companies using Second Life.  Mainly by other eLearning providers trying to build a case to get a little budget towards getting a foothold in Second Life.  These individuals are typically eLearning designers, developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts.  They are not looking for an entire sim but only needing a parcel to use for doing video.

The example of IBM gives credibility for the use of Second Life, however their story is too “big” for most people to effectively use.  Leave it to the ever resourceful Ener Hax to find a start to some useful links for eLearners to see how others are using Second Life (there are lots of great success stories out there, it’s just a mater of finding a few good ones for eLearners to use in pursuading their departments to ante up for land in Second Life).

Special thanks to FlipperPA Peregrine for these links: