TxDLA Session in Corpus Christi

Well the TxDLA No Gas Required Conference was a great success. BUT 45 minutes is just not enough time.

A few people stayed another 30 minutes despite it being lunch time. The session reviews were wonderful, thank you.

About 25 session evaluations were returned and there were two not so good ones. I want to address those. First off, I am sorry we did not get to review as many videos as you would have liked to have seen. I actually had several queued up – including an interview that a few of you who stayed got to see.

It’s a great way to do an interview with someone remotely that you can reuse. This example is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility touching on how Second Life fits into that.

You were absolutely correct, I did not go into filming as much as I would have liked. This topic really needs to be in a hands on workshop where using the tools is actually done. The video tutorials do cover more depth on the use of Fraps. And there is a 6 page pdf that discusses bringing your footage into a flash interaction.

Also, in resources are the source flash files (flas) for the sample I showed in the session. The code is pretty straightforward and could easily be copied to make a 2 or more stepped branched scenario.

It’s hard to cover it all and I do this completely at my own expense (even paid to attend my own session!), so maybe next time . . . Hopefully as a workshop, it would be great to cover this over a few hours and have everyone create some footage, bring it into flash and the reuse that same footage into a podcast and use the tools I mentioned.

I hope the schmancy lightscribed CDs help (just launch the index.html file) and if you did not get one of the 50 CDs, it’s all the same content as on subQuark.com.

Thanks again, you laughed at my corny jokes and made me feel welcomed. But then, that’s what is so nice about Texans and why I miss Texas so much. Always good folks with good hearts that don’t mind laughing at themselves a bit. Big state, bigger hearts.

See you inworld! =D

Here are the comments from the evaluations:

Best session at TXDLA! I would love to do a pre-conference with you sometime to have more time to learn. Thanks for the resources!

Very knowledgeable – I want to get started.


Would like to have seen more examples videos. David was so knowledgeable, he wanted to say TOO much.

First 20 minutes was mostly into content – wanted to get to recording video discussion more quickly. Thirty minutes in – only 5 were specific to video in SL. Perhaps, I have more experience in SL, so I was looking for video only discussion – not building and tweaking user interface, etc.


Thank you! You answered every question! Also gave me some great ideas.

Great info- wish I knew more about it. Hopefully, I can learn. Would like more hands-on.

Great speaker!

Best session yet; exactly what it said it would be. Entertaining and informative.