mini moos on a sunny afternoon


mini moos & a portable ashtray

Mini Moos are so great and cute. They are easy to hand out and always get good reactions. This is only the third set I have made but really love the Muji portable ashtray for carrying them.

The Muji is made of aluminum and about as a perfect a fit as you could have for the mini moos. Even Linden Lab uses mini moos as their official business cards for their Second Life employees.

The portable ashtray gives me a great way to feel comfortable handing out cards. You may not know it if you have seen me speak at conferences but I am not as confident as it may appear, well not enough to hand out cards to strangers.

The portable ashtray lets me tell a story and share the cards. The reaction is always great even from people that would never go into Second Life or even know what eLearning is.

*hmm . . . time to make some for iliveisl*


mini moos & a portable ashtray


mini moos & a portable ashtray


mini moos & a portable ashtray

Note: The location of the Second Life image from this mini moo is in in the Eville Atomic Lounge of Enerville in the iliveisl estate, thus the 1950’s martini ads in the background.  Keep up with the going ons of the estate and it’s 100+ wonderful residents on the iliveisl blog (where I am an author and I really should start posting there – it’s a far heavier traffic blog)  =D