Social Marketing Samurai Schmamurai

I give up! =D  Almost . . .

. . . over at the iliveisl blog (self-hosting envy from this blog) the proof is there illustrating that

smarter efforts to a sharply focused niche yields better results.

We had a day in January when the iliveisl blog hit 50th fastest growing blog in popularity and that was exciting since there are 3 and a half million WordPress blogs. But it was just pointed out to me (well, tweeted to my phone) that the iliveisl blog actually hit 5th fastest growing blog earlier in January.

What’s the secret over at that very silly and rarely ever serious blog?

Passion. Passion. Passion.

Better widgets (at least easier to install ones) take advantage of the iliveisl twitter to the max.  Any new posts are automatically tweeted with a tiny url (thus my notification), people can tweet about a post directly from the post, and any tweets that mention a post are treated like direct comments.  There are some other widgets at work too (like enhanced statistics that anyone with OCD would lose themselves in).

Plus there is a lot more out in the blogosphere about iliveisl and our 2,200 Flickr pics help a lot with SEO (thanks Torley for the inspiration on that).

Congrats to iliveisl and the people involved including the new contributing authors (Allison, Turu, Micheil, DreamWalker, and Ener) and all the residents on the iliveisl estate that put out the good word (thanks M.P. for the shout out to M Linden that there should be an Ener Linden!).

I’ll stay in the background . . . and try being a social marketing ninja instead!  (aren’t self-imposed titles just the best!)  :p


5th out of 3.5 million, wow