transition to more Second Life

As I start to transition to more Second Life related freelancing, I am pleased to be collaborating on in inworld art exhibit of a real life artist.

iliveisl art gallery (1)

working earnestly with Ener Hax again

The eLearning aspect that I post about here is truly a passion and my audiences love it and enthusiastic during the conference sessions. But then that excitement dies down; so much so that very few take advantage of free land.

Part of that is the perception of the dedication it takes to get up to speed in Second Life. Most employers, especially in the current economy, will not want an employee to spend a few hours in Second Life. I contend that Second Life is like any other application in that it takes a certain amount of time to get up to speed with it. However, I routinely train people inworld on how to build and script in the matter of two 50 minute classes (it was nice to get back into inworld classes last week – thanks AC for carte blanche in the consortium again).  =)

After all, in the paraphrased words of my sarcastic “bud” Va Dagger:

Second Life is made to be used by as many people as possible, and thusly, made to be as simple as possible.

 So with this, I refocus on my inworld work and will post on the iliveisl blog.

Hope to see you there! Allons-y!