Land management tool for Second Life

Land management tool for Second Life iliveisl estate

We ( require the development of a land management tool for private estate use in Second Life.

This tool will need to have an administrative online interface (to be hosted on our server at

The requirements are straightforward: • Detect land ownership change

  • Record new avatar name and UIDD
  • Reset Hippo Tier box for said land
  • “Chat” Tier box location to new avatar
  • Update online database with above information
  • Fully compiled in MONO

These updates should automatically be processed by the Hippo Tier boxes and need to be validated as doing so.

Currently we have 12 sims, thus this needs to operate intersim as the Tier box centre is one single location. There are currently 96 boxes deployed.

This system must be scalable to a minimum of 2000 tier boxes.

Please submit a brief proposal stating your avatar name, experience, approach philosophy, and two slurls showing examples of advanced LSL scripting.

Proposals may be submitted via email to or, preferably, via notecard in-world.

Budget is $22,000L and deadline for proposal is June 1, 2009.