Twitter – does it help?

With branding? Indeed it does.  How does that relate to eLearning?

Sooner or later, companies will embrace the need to be transparent as a positive aspect of business.  If the company does not, the community will.

The days of controlling your message are gone and those that open themselves to the social community can benefit greatly.  Zappo’s is always my “go to” example.  They are fully invested in social media including Twitter.  They have about 750,000 followers and actively use Twitter as a customer service tool.

For eLearning you may be trying to get the word out about your courses to the external world.  This applies to your own internal training as well.  After all, if your company values the benefit of internal training, let your external customers know this!

I like knowing that companies I do business with value their employees and give them opportunities to learn how to be better.  From my insurance company to my cable provider.

Twitter.  Another channel to share your message and build your brand. Using it wisely (none of those “get 10,000 followers in a day” tactics) and you will see an impact on your business.

edit: here is a report on the State of the Twittersphere with interesting findings


Even virtual business benefits from Twitter