Second Life as a 3D animation program

What happens when a beaver in Second Life has time to explore? Well, maybe a little culture at a pretty neat build. Made from megaprims, this fantastic art gallery is suspended by chains.

It’s a beautiful example of what happens when 3D creativity is served up in a manner that allows many people the opportunity to create. It is easy to take Second Life for granted and even complain about it, but Linden Lab has created a platform that makes it easy to build 3D graphics.

If you have ever done Maya, Blender 3D, or Studio Max, then you can appreciate how much easier it is to build in Second Life. Of course, if that is your background, you may be more likely to also snub Second Life as a 3D animation tool.

If you measure the success of your 3D skills in the number of people able to view it and experience it first hand, then there are far more successful people in Second Life than in Maya. Yes, undoubtedly Pixar and DreamWorks create amazing graphics that make a lot of money. But the number of people producing those are incredibly few and I can’t walk around in Shrek.

In Second Life, many people express their creativity, share and sell it, and almost anyone can actively participate with it in real time. This art gallery, Enaxia, is a fine example of that. A real world artists works hang in it, anyone in Second Life can come enjoy it and the space.

They can even buy the artwork!

In that respect, Second Life, imo, is a fantastic 3D tool. And apart from Blender 3D, it’s free to start using right now. Hats off to you Linden Lab!

If you have not tried it yet, give it a whirl, you can even come here to the iliveisl estate to try out building in Second Life.


The Enaxia on Ener Strait of the iliveisl estate

Enaxia Flickr set | Enaxia slurl

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