Does Twitter Work

A media darling, Twitter, seems to be in everything these days. From the newspapers to many TV shows. But it’s not new, not by internet standards.

Twitter was created in 2006.

Wow, three years old and just coming into the spotlight! So why does iliveisl* tweet? It started out as another channel to get the word out about our Second Life estate and now has turned into a fun activity. We have had the best results from it compared to Facebook, LinkedIn, Urbandictionary, Cafepress, YouTube,, Yahoo 360 (now defunct), Ning, threadless, busted tees, blogging (well, it may be a tie with that), technorati, delicious, plurk, Second Life forums, commenting on multiple blogs, SLUniverse, real world conferences as speakers and presenters, and some others that slip the mind.

It’s nice to have some automation tweeting too – when a new blog post is published, it automatically tweets. But how do we know it is successful? Analytics.

*so that’s what subQuark does* =D

We have had more feedback inworld from people telling us they saw us on twitter and subQuark has landed three projects inworld and the estate has seen additional business.

This chart shows the iliveisl website traffic (not much of an impact, but the site is only informational), our flickr stats (since we actively add images every week, it’s growth is somewhat independent of twitter – 3,300+ images now), and the iliveisl blog (it has benefited the most from twitter).

The lower graph is the occupancy of the estate, just by pure tier box count. The start of that is low from the openspace conversion backlash in January and it is leveling out due to fewer parcels being available. That means it’s nearly time to add another sim so that growth can continue.

Before you think it’s about money, talk to our residents. You’ll see we care about fostering creativity. And besides, take a look at the twitter cloud below the graphs; we rarely promote our land. Maybe we should be all corporate, but we sure like the people on the estate and that’s a result of letting people do their own thing and us not being pushy sales people.

In fact, Ener just talked a lady into looking around at other estates (we say that on our website too). We assume people have a brain and grasp the land ownership concept. No need for us to make promises of extra pixie dust (our residents supply that on their own!). =)


o_O major yawn fest! =p


iliveisl twitter cloud - not much self-promotion here! =)

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* iliveisl is a Second Life private estate with over 100 residents on 12 sims