subQuark’s many endeavors has a new simpler landing page created to reflect my current direction.

After being invited to speak at three conferences and two online forums and holding dozens of in-world sessions aimed at the eLearning community in the last year, I am shifting away from the eLearning aspect of Second Life.

The highlight of all that was meeting with two business people at Linden Lab last fall and having my first fish tacos!  =)

The video tutorials and resources remain. I am focusing more on custom projects including Second Life builds, sim development, and creating virtual world podcasts of other people’s training. Plus the running of Ener Hax’s social efforts and our virtual land business.

Only the ongoing video tutorials and blogging about how to do it are ending.

Basically, everything you need to know is in my tutorials, resources, and this blog.

Last week we had Oque (David Anderson) from the eLearning Guild doing an online forum presentation from our sims.  Visit our flickr stream to see some shots of his setup.

Look for my blogging, as Subquark Hax, on the far more popular iliveisl blog as I ride Ener Hax’s coat tails to fame and glory!  Who knows, she may end up on the cover of Wired magazine (thanks Kennedy!).