Ener visits Reaction Grid

reposted, unedited, from Ener Hax’s post on iliveisl


same UI

so after reading about Reaction Grid on Jokay’s blog after her terrible kick in the gut by Linden Lab, we thought we’d check it out (by we, “we” means me, subQuark is not as adventuresome as “we” are) =p

well, it uses the Hippo viewer which is a modded SL viewer and the instructions to connect were very easy to follow. it’s just an extra step to log in for only the first time. if we could do it, then you can too!

it looks just like second life, all the tools are the same, everything is the same in the viewer. now it is NOT second life

to be fair, Linden Lab provides a HUGE network of sims and resident content as well as ecommerce (a way to pay people and take that money into rl). this is nowhere near as rich as Second Life

but for businesses and education, this looks like a nice alternative. subQuark will have to let you know about the elearning possibilities (lol, read Jokay’s blog – if she says it’s good, well that is enough for anyone)


Ener as one of the default avatars