It’s okay to have fun with images

One of our silly images gets air time in a French political blog!

Sometimes we get so serious that we can lose the joy of what attracted many of us to eLearning.  Creating interactions, graphics, and 3D environments is something I love to do as part of teaching. Fortunately, it’s also the way I unwind.

I count myself lucky that my vocation is also my avocation.

One of my hobbies is dabbling in social networking and I use and our spokeperson, Ener Hax, as the focus of these efforts. Part of that strategy is using Flickr for images to help in SEO.  Since Flickr is owned by Yahoo, it’s impact can be substantial. Especially with our 5,000 Second Life images!

Take a moment and let your inner child come out and play, it’s rather refreshing!  =D

See the blog post on deregulation in French or in English.


everyone loves good poutine!