Second Life on a netbook

Wow! As a person that speaks at conferences and holds workshops, it’s important to have a good laptop to run Second Life.

I have an Asus that costs about $550 with an Nvidia card and 4 gigs of RAM. The standard SL viewer works very well on it, certainly good enough for travelling.

When I first looked into a decent laptop I also looked at netbooks. There are a few with Nvidia cards and the specs needed to run Second Life.

Well . . . almost run Second Life . . .

There is one snag however. In the specs that Linden Lab publishes, you have to have a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Many netbooks don’t have that. Many are 1024 by 600.

I even called Live Chat and asked – the answer was “we don’t know, we have not tested that configuration”. That is fine, the number of configurations out there is mind boggling.

Eventually, I did get a netbook for other uses. Its size is significantly smaller than the 14.1 inch laptop I have. I do use it much more on a weekly basis. But it would be nice to have Second Life on it. Not so much to really do much with it, but it would be nice to be able to show clients what it looks like.

Well, for some reason, I never looked into other viewers (that Google thing is so much work!). =D

And you know what? There is a fantastic viewer that does work on many netbooks!

Kirstenlee Cinquetti! She is the kind of person that makes me suddenly feel inadequate! But in a good way! She is incredibly humble and obviously very intelligent and passionate. Her latest post exemplifies this.


image copyright of Kirstenlee Cinquetti