Easy analytic tool

As the driver behind the social networking strategy of the iliveisl estate (Second Life virtual real estate), I look at various analytic tools to measure what are the best “fits” for these efforts. The iliveisl estate has a presence in many social networks, including LinkedIn, Youtube, blip.tv, CafePress, Urban Dictionary, Threadless Tees, Gravatar, Ning networks, Google and Yahoo profiles, various Second Life forums, and so on.

An easy analytic tool to use is grader.com. It’s a nice and easy tool for benchmarking your efforts.

The relatively new Facebook Grader does not have a large dataset yet, but can sill be used to measure your growth from a week to week.

Here we see the Twitter grade for the account updated by Ener Hax, the spokesperson of the social campaign.  Secondly, the Facebook page of Ener Hax for the estate, and lastly the iliveisl blog.

Twitter and Facebook drive traffic to the blog. The blog posts automatically update the Twitter account and that updates the Facebook page.

Why does any of this matter?  How does it apply to eLearning?

Effective social networking is vital if you want to promote your educational efforts and share your lessons learned with the eLearning community. 

Individuals will post comments to our iliveisl blog posts on the Facebook wall and carry on a conversation with each other about our posts. That was a suprising and pleasant discovery.