It’s official – we are expanding into Reaction Grid

It’s official! We are expanding into Reaction Grid for college and university customers, and for corporate meetings and event needs.

We have assembled a team of key people to make offerings that are effective and efficient.

Colleges and universities have embraced virtual worlds (thanks to library scientist in large part) and are now at a point where more economical (higher ROI) and less political alternatives to Second Life are desired (Microsoft moves from Second Life to Reaction Grid).

For meetings and events, think Webex, but with the added interaction of a true 3D virtual meeting. IBM embraced virtual worlds early on and discovered an unforeseen benefit. People would arrive early to a meeting and stay after a meeting to collaborate and build on new ideas with each other.

The synergy of “impromptu” meetings is well known and companies such as Pixar ensure that their real world spaces present opportunites for people to cross paths and bounce ideas off one another.

Some of the best ideas come from “water cooler” moments.

A virtual world meeting option does not mean a replacement for meetings. Linden Lab does a good job touting that with their IBM white paper. But truth is, there are, and will always be, times when real face-to-face meetings are needed.

Having a virtual venue as an offering, like any other amenity, is an added value to hotels and convention centres that they can include as an option to their clients.

After a wonderful and educational teleconference with Kyle Gomboy, Reaction Grid CEO, and Chris Hart, Reaction Grid CTO, we have been offered a wonderful opportunity to become a reseller.

What does that mean for iliveisl?

It means I am out of Ener’s hair (isl anyway) and won’t be “donating” any estate land to educational purposes (read: Ener won’t get mad at me for my elearning freebies!).

It also means that iliveisl will be offering Reaction Grid (OpenSim) land in addition to Second Life land. Thus fulfilling our mantra of “i live in simulator lands”. The additional offering will help even out economic ups and downs of Second Life and will help the iliveisl Second Life estate grow.

Stay tuned as we develop the supporting website and look for our Reaction Grid info so you can come visit and experiment on our OpenSim land.