Overreacting Beaver

Wow, talk about service! Reaction Grid has set up our first four sims in a matter of hours. And my big thrill? I can change sim names for free!

A brave new world for this little beaver!

Stay tuned as we discover what we can do (we really only know the Second Life paradigm but are eager to learn and make huge 256 metre tori!).


looks like Ener?

If you thought the world’s largest cocktail napkin was cool (it is a top search term for some odd reason on the iliveisl blog), wait till you see the incredibly amazing giant rotating donut (oh, such talent – how can one beaver have such creative gifts!) =p

Just in case – a torus is a donut shaped prim, so the talent to make one is . . . well, pretty nil! =D

First plans are to actually get there (could be a challenge for this beaver – where is Ener Hax to hold my paw?) =0

And then to create public use spaces just like we have in Second Life! As you may tell, I am a little excited (read: full on spaz mode engaged).

Hey, if you can’t enjoy what you do, then why do it!

i live in simulator lands earns it’s “s” today! =)

Stay tuned . . . .

*hmm, giant donut could be hollowed into a meeting space*


martini time sounds awefully tempting!

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