Virtual Conference Centre

Ener Hax is undertaking another build for our new endeavor in OpenSim-based virtual worlds. Over on the Level 2 Venue grid, Ener is working on four projects simultaneously. The latest one is the Energy Hotel and Convention Centre.

The build is starting off with pure simplicity – all prims in the flickr snapshot below are simply cylinders having their centres at the exact same point. This is one of Ener’s tricks to ensure perfect alignment and this principle forms the base of a very sound building practice.

Once the hotel has an appealing aesthetic shape, then twisting and shearing may be added to create visual interest.

The hotel and conference centre will act as “living” examples of how virtual meetings and events can offered as supplemental venues to real events. We do not make the assumption that virtual worlds are a replacement for real meetings, as Linden Lab has with their IBM white paper and television coverage last summer. That assumption is as valid as assuming that teleconferencing, such as WebEx, can replace face-to-face meetings.

There will always be value in people meeting, shaking hands, and networking in the real world. Adding an option of virtual meeting and event space makes good business sense for venues, and companies, that hold real meetings.

The telephone did not replace the need for face-to-face meetings and neither will virtual worlds. However, the savvy meeting planner recognizes the place that virtual venues hold, just like phones and Twitter boards currently do at events.


Virtual event and meeting venue

see our flickr collection for Level 2 Venue, an endeavor from iliveisl (i live in simulator lands)