Top 99 workplace eLearning blog?

Call me fast on observation, I just noticed that Tony Karrer listed this blog as one of his top 99 workplace eLearning blogs!

I guess that means I need to step it up a bit!

I have put blogging about eLearning on the back burner after a whirlwind of conference and online speaking invitations (8 in six months). These were directly tied to using Second Life as a tool for eLearning development. Part of the reason for stepping back was partly due to the difficulty of getting Linden Lab to answer a question on proper attribution for a college textbook I wanted to write.

In the meantime, I have been putting efforts toward growing the online presence of our Second Life endeavors.  Mainly in the form of virtual real estate.  With 12 sims and the transient nature of virtual land ownership, making a strong online presence is vital.

The social networking has been fun to do and the results are very good if you set ip up properly. Fortunately, I discovered Maki at DoshDosh and follow much of his advice. It helps leverage your time effectively.

iliveisl and it’s spokesperson, Ener Hax, enjoy good SEO mainly from daily blogging (5 contributing authors), Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

But, as serendipity tends to have it, those efforts have led full circle. If you are immersed in Second Life, you could not miss the unfortunate handling by Linden Lab of one of Second Life’s biggest eLearning and education proponents – Jo Kay!

Thankfully, there was an upside to this news.  Reaction Grid offered a great alternative to Second Life for education and business use and Jo Kay let the world know.

Reaction Grid is strictly PG in nature, can be private, firewalled, or hypergrid connected to a large number of other OpenSim-based grids.

The Reaction Grid team is incredibly passionate and supportive.  I have already had a few Skype classes with the CEO and CTO.

OpenSim has been recompiled and is far more efficient than Second Life’s server code.  You can have 45,000 prims per sim (vs. 15K) and prims can be made as large as 256 metres (vs. 10).

And Reaction Grid is far more economical!  Four sims for $75 per month versus $1180!

So look for renewed eLearning posts about using Reaction Grid as an elearning video tool and as far as the honor of being in Tony’s list?  I am deeply humbled and am tiny in the shadow of Tony’s outstanding blogging and resources.

Tony's eLearning blog is miles ahead of most others