Why Reaction Grid is much less expensive than Second Life

The Reaction Grid team is very small but amazingly passionate and talented. The cost for Reaction Grid is about 7% that of Second Life.  I can attest to that first hand.  I have 12 sims in Second Life and have been in Second Life for three years.

In Reaction Grid, I have 4 sims and since it is my grid, I can do far more than I can in Second Life.  Last month people would state to me “but it’s not Second Life” and I would be somewhat defensive and list that it did have pluses that Second Life did not.  Like 45,000 prims to a sim and the ability to make up to 256 metre prims.

Now, after a month in Reaction Grid, I answer the statement “but it’s not Second Life” with a thank God and Yes! There are so many good things about Reaction Grid.  It is what Second Life promised to be years ago.  But Linden Lab has grown, Philip is off on a new venture, and it has simply changed.  It’s too bad.  I was a huge evangelist for them.  Spending my own money to speak at conferences, creating video tutorials showcasing Second Life, but no more.

The team at Reaction Grid are wonderful and passionate.  And caring.

Here is one reason reaction Grid costs less – it is simply architected better.  Read what Microsoft has to say about them here.


not glamorous, but ramping up on our Reaction Grid estate