First video test in Reaction Grid blows away my expectations

I had cooled down on making video tutorials in Second Life for many reasons that go blah, blah, blah.  =)

However, I still find virtual worlds an excellent, fast, cheap, and easy way to create video scenarios (and even still images) for use in corporate eLearning. Thanks to Jokay’s experience and her grace in dealing with it, I learned about Reaction Grid.

I had looked into OpenSim as an alternative last year and after installing it on my own machine came to the conclusion that this was more than most eLearning providers would care to do. It certainly was challenging for me anyway.  ;)

After all, the idea is to be easy!

I have been in Reaction grid with my private four sim estate getting ramped up again and finally have had time to create a test video.

I was able to maintain frame rates of 70 (zomg!!!) with antialias cranked up to 8x.  Compare that to 20-30 with antialias set to 2x in Second Life. The OpenSim application has been rewritten and scrutinized by truly gifted and talented people who work for free to make virtual worlds as good as possible.

I’d say from my little test that they succeeded.

credits: Ener Hax for a nifty spaceship orbiting through four sims, as is the camera (try that in Second Life – these sim crossings are amazing)

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