Sneak Peak at Level 2 Venue

Myself, Ener Hax, Dream Walker, and Nickola Martynov have been working on our new four sim grid hosted by Reaction Grid. We are creating all the furnishings you will need to hold productive meetings in a virtual world. With the cost of Reaction Grid being far more reasonable, we expect to help people set up their own grids and be effective quickly.

That means not just getting you a grid, but loading up landscaped terrain complete with buildings built using the best virtual world practices*. Also included is copyable furniture and even avatar shapes, skins, and clothing.

But wait! There’s more . .  . oops, no extra ShamWOWs (you know they’re made in Germany) . . .

You also get video tutorials to help you be efficient right from the start – whether for business meetings or eLearning use. This is the value of the team we have in place.

All have three years experience in Second Life as teachers, mentors, builders, and scripters. Ener and I have done several large projects in Second Life (and Ener manages the 12 sim iliveisl estate), Nickola has been awarded land for wonderful builds for the sixth birthday celebration of Second Life as well as this year’s Burning Life.  Dream Walker has run her own sthop selling items she scripts herself (and she can script almost anything and does so for the iliveisl estate – plus she has event experience with security and anti-griefing practices).

More information will be out soon. Meanwhile, we are building chairs, laptops, lamps, holodecks, windmills, solar panels, . . .


Level 2 Venue

*best practices include tall ceilings, easy places to take off from and land, careful use of textures to reduce lag, land divided up for effective use of media streams, making sure breakout rooms have 20 metres separation for chat, and so on