Need virtual world ammo for your eLearning

While we are very early in the start up of offering grids to eLearners for a far better price than you can get a sim in Second Life, it’s worthwhile mentioning a great “win” by the Reaction Grid Team.

However, virtual worlds for use in eLearning still suffer from the stigma of being costly and of past corporations pulling out of Second Life. So rather than try to justify Second Life, use an alternative that frankly works better. Reaction Grid is made for business and education.  It’s also PG and run by talented people that will bend over backward for you.

A case study on them is now on the Microsoft site and should be part of your arsenal for assuring your eLearning decision makers.  Reaction Grid is an excellent option if you are looking at virtual worlds for eLearning use.

How much better in price?

Well, once we roll out our offering, expect to be able to get a sim that holds 45,000 prims for about the same price that we do an eight of a sim with 1,875 prims in Second Life – about $40 and maybe even less! And performance is higher with the latest OpenSim releases continually installed.

Here’s a sobering number, for what we pay in Second Life for 12 sims, you could have about 200 sims with Reaction Grid!