Inbound marketing scores via HubSpot


Ener Hax

Inbound marketing? What does that have to do with eLearning?

Almost anything you do can benefit from better recognition.

It could be the soccer team you coach – create a team blog, put photos on Flickr, tweet and soon sponsors will be coming to you!

For corporate eLearning departments, why not boost the reputation of your company with its customers by showing how you train your co-workers to serve those same customers better?

You have a lot to share and it is becoming a standard thing to have a decent social face. People want to be able to participate in a conversation with you. The days of having a website and calling it good are past.

Some work cultures are not there yet and I can empathize with you.

I get my social networking practice with our (iliveisl) virtual world business. Now that is expanding to include our affiliation with Reaction Grid as a reseller. Fortunately, it is easy to slightly redirect the online spokesperson’s “branding” to include this latest venture in OpenSim-based worlds.

When I started out making this online “brand”, I created accounts on everything I could think of – from CafePress to LinkedIn to Threadless Tees and even

A year or so later, it has simplified to mainly blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Our spokesperson Ener hax, enjoys great SEO in both Google and Yahoo.

But these results are not from any secret.  Starting with and experimenting, I found a combination that allows me to fan these flames with only 10 minutes per day.  The biggest aspect of this is how Twitter can tie it all together.

And to measure what works, I use Google analytics plus the free tools from HubSpot. Keeping an eye on your ranking helps hone your efforts and reduces the amount of time you spend while getting better results.

It does take time but can also be rewarding and fun!


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