Free Online Screen Capture

Have you heard of screenr? Do you ever need to record a video of an application or your desktop quickly with minimal hassle?

Do you ever have something you would like to just record and share? Maybe just a quick “how to” or grab some video footage for use in your eLearning? is an online screen capture tool that is free to use and all you need is a Twitter account. Good in-world (and real life conference) friend David Anderson turned me on to screenr a few months back. Now I have finally had time to try it out and love it!

You can even save your file as an MP4 and import them into flash!

There are very few limitations, especially considering it is free.

There is a 5 minute maximum record time and it looks like it records at 15 frames per second (I do 30 frames per second with Fraps). But these limitations are okay depending on your final use.  All you need is a Twitter account and away you go!

This footage will be used in a video to demonstrate a fast way to hide all prims and hide water for building in-world.  The jerkiness is from me and not Screenr or Reaction Grid.

Click to go to and this test footage