Shameless Plug or Just Sharing Passion

It’s funny how we use blogs as a means of self-promotion but can also feel a bit guilty about that same activity. Maybe it’s a Catholic upbringing or any number of factors for me, but self-promotion always feels a bit shady to me.

However, how else would we learn if people did not stand on their soapboxes and shout out to the world?

Last night I read about Linden Lab’s trial advertising program. Linden is now offering 100 characters of ad space that will appear one time for 11 and a half hours on their login screen. Are you sitting down for this?

That one ad will run you $4,500 USD if run during the day or $1,500 USD if run at night!  You have to sell a lot of $1.50 shoes to justify that ad budget!

Suddenly, a self-promoting blog post seems like a pretty reasonable deal, especially since you are not forced to look at it. =)

In May, I do my first workshop and conference presentation using Reaction Grid, rather than Second Life, as my animation platform of choice. The workshop will be an introduction to participants who are new to virtual worlds.

It’s a 4 hour hands-on workshop and may even include “virtual worlds on a stick”.  The stick part depends on the Reaction Grid team and is a big undertaking. But it certainly would help portray Reaction Grid in a very good light and ensure “connectivity” regardless of conference resources. What a great tool as well for people wanting to work on their virtual world assets while not connected to the web. Simply using a viewer, such as Imprudence or Meerkat, would mean you would have your own personal, totally secure, sandbox in which you could experiment and save your creations.

I am also doing a seperate conference session discussing virtual worlds. Basically, after all the media hype of three years ago, it’s time to take a second look at virtual worlds and see if they have a place for you in your eLearning and training toolbox.

Virtual worlds are still, in my opinion, a highly niche “platform”.

There is a learning curve, albeit I will argue that it is smaller than most people claim in the eLearning community. When you compare using Second Life or Reaction Grid’s hosted OpenSim to learning Blender 3D or Studio 3D Max, you simply can’t gripe about a learning curve.  As a former Second Life Mentor and owner of many sims (a total of 34 between SL and RG), I feel confident in having someone up to speed and able to build within an hour.

I find the biggest factor is drive. If you are interested in learning it, then it will come faster and more easily (not a very profound statement on my part!).

The people putting on this conference and the webinar discussing my workshop, put on 1,200 conferences per year internationally!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to let more of the world know that Reaction Grid is a very good alternative to Second Life. In many ways, I find it a better alternative and certainly much more economical (our 16 Reaction Grid sims cost less than one sim in Second Life).

Here’s the information for my Friday Adobe Connect session discussing my workshop.

More to follow on this blog, such as the detailed workshop and presentation topics.

Have fun and if you want to explore the educational and training side of virtual worlds, go get a free account on Reaction Grid and see you in-world!

Just open the Reaction Grid map, go all the way to the northwest and you’ll see our sims. Everyone is welcome, just mind your step as seven of us build away.


our own Ener Hax later corrected Harbour's spelling to the Queen's English

PS – keep up to date with the often times light hearted daily blog from iliveisl on the team’s adventures in setting up Enclave Harbour in Reaction Grid