Well, this is somewhat contrary to list information about yours truly.  However, here it goes . . . a French-Canadian with a Masters In Science Education and a passion for teaching.  Taught a few years at the private Secondary level (even coached soccer) and then taught seven years at the community college level.

With the discovery of Flash, my passion was ignited to use it, and the web, to deliver information. Eventually ending up in a current role as a multimedia developer for an international company.

With the further exposure to Second Life, an additional passion was fired up (hmm, burning the candle at both ends?).  The collaborative nature of Second Life and the personal bonds created with virtual representation of real people in a shared space can be powerful.

Other factors, apart from eLearning, motivated the use of Second Life as a creative outlet.  Rather than building 3D “things” in Blender 3D that no one would ever see, I could now create “things” that other people could use.  The first project I was lucky enough to stumble upon was creating an art gallery that would exhibit a real world artist’s work.

This blended my desire to share information with the world and create 3D objects.  While Second Life is nowhere as detailed as a Blender 3D creation, it is quite accessible to the world.

Accessibility to Second Life is sometimes a hurdle with a learning curve that can prove challenging to many.  Thus the teacher side is able to express itself as a Second Life Mentor.  A title that I do not take lightly and am honoured to have earned.

Woof, so much for “being contrary” to my nature!  But then, I also have the belief that we may just be thoughts.  Simnilar to Australian Aboriginal beliefs and indeed the beliefs of some Nobel Laureate Physicists.

We perhaps exist because we expect to exist.  Crazy? I don’t think so, I prefer “open minded”.  Thus the name subquark, a subatomic particle that, at one time, was termed a “virtual” particle.  A particle that existed only because we expected it to.  That theory was from the mainstream scientific community.

When we think we have the answer to these, or any issues, we stop learning.  When we become “experts” in something, we thicken the walls of the box that we decree we think outside of.

So with that, I affirm that I am neither expert nor teacher.  I am a student sharing my paradigm-laden opinions of my perceptions of whatever.    =)


Since there are a zillion David Miller’s on the web, I am going to mention my name here several times.  This is mainly nonsense just for search placement.

David Miller is really David Rene Miller
David Miller was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
David Miller is not the mayor of Toronto, well David Miller is, but not this David Miller
David Miller now lives in Enercity Park
David Miller is fluent in French but has a Texas twang
David Miller was on the Canadian National Fencing Team
David Miller lived in Galveston, Texas
David Miller loves to cook
David Miller is Subquark Hax in Second Life
David Miller thinks Torley Linden is great
David Miller seems to be a very popular name
David Miller is the name of the Vespa Scooter Club of San Francisco’s president
David Miller is also the Mayor of Toronto
David Miller, yours truly, taught at Miami Dade College
David Miller was a volunteer firefighter
David Miller was also a Ski Patroller in Canada
David Miller’s family name used to be Mueller on the paternal side
David Miller’s maternal side links back to the Cathedral Builders
David Miller thinks this is not very useful to do
David Miller likes using emoticons    =D