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    Second Life keyboard shortcuts 

    Nice post by DreamWalker, our official scripter for our new venture into Reaction Grid, blogged a great iliveisl post on keyboard shortcuts in Second Life.


    sl keyboard

    by ::Prad Prathivi @ Amodica::'s photostream

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    Social networking for virtual endeavors 

    Me and my numbers. Actually, “our” numbers. And very nice Ener on your post about me pimping you out* (nice bikini btw). =D

    iliveisl blog statistics dropped this week and I should have suspected a possible error on my part. We added Feedburner to our strategy this week as well as changing a few SEO and traffic plugins.

    Since we look at multiple traffic indicators such as the stats in Flickr and Blip.tv, as well as things like grader.com, we feel pretty comfortable with the accuracy of any of those numbers. If traffic is a steady 1,000 visitors a day on the blog, you would also expect supporting stats for our sites that point to it to stay steady.

    Some of those “organic” indicators are Facebook friend comment activity and Twitter reach (see below).

    If blog traffic suddenly goes down and you have not changed your efforts (such as blogging frequency, content, authors) then digging into other stats are warranted. The iliveisl blog is hosted on the bullet-proof servers of Media Temple which come with Urchin statistics.

    Once I pulled those numbers, all was right with the world (and actually higher than before the drop – what a geeky world I live in!).

    So what does this have to do with Second Life?

    Promoting ourselves is obvious, but we also encourage in-world businesses and venues to use the many free social networking tools out there to achieve greater success.

    I do consulting for individuals and small businesses in the real world on social networking and use iliveisl as my “living” example. Ener does a great job in-world with encouraging residents to use these tools as well. You can see those efforts with some of the links in the iliveisl blog’s sidebar.

    So be smart, don’t let social networking become a “time suck”, and have fun with it (maybe don’t get so obsessed with traffic numbers!). =)


    nice chirping Ener!


    so this and 4 cents will get you one snapshot isl!

    * Look for a possible offering of virtual world space for meetings, functions, and eLearning providers. We host a few corporate meetings on the iliveisl estate for free. However, there is a need from some of our clients to have “tighter” virtual space that is more business-like and less expensive. Enter what Ener mentioned below – Reaction Grid . . . stay tuned.

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    Second Life on a netbook 

    Wow! As a person that speaks at conferences and holds workshops, it’s important to have a good laptop to run Second Life.

    I have an Asus that costs about $550 with an Nvidia card and 4 gigs of RAM. The standard SL viewer works very well on it, certainly good enough for travelling.

    When I first looked into a decent laptop I also looked at netbooks. There are a few with Nvidia cards and the specs needed to run Second Life.

    Well . . . almost run Second Life . . .

    There is one snag however. In the specs that Linden Lab publishes, you have to have a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Many netbooks don’t have that. Many are 1024 by 600.

    I even called Live Chat and asked – the answer was “we don’t know, we have not tested that configuration”. That is fine, the number of configurations out there is mind boggling.

    Eventually, I did get a netbook for other uses. Its size is significantly smaller than the 14.1 inch laptop I have. I do use it much more on a weekly basis. But it would be nice to have Second Life on it. Not so much to really do much with it, but it would be nice to be able to show clients what it looks like.

    Well, for some reason, I never looked into other viewers (that Google thing is so much work!). =D

    And you know what? There is a fantastic viewer that does work on many netbooks!

    Kirstenlee Cinquetti! She is the kind of person that makes me suddenly feel inadequate! But in a good way! She is incredibly humble and obviously very intelligent and passionate. Her latest post exemplifies this.


    image copyright of Kirstenlee Cinquetti

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    It’s okay to have fun with images 

    One of our silly images gets air time in a French political blog!

    Sometimes we get so serious that we can lose the joy of what attracted many of us to eLearning.  Creating interactions, graphics, and 3D environments is something I love to do as part of teaching. Fortunately, it’s also the way I unwind.

    I count myself lucky that my vocation is also my avocation.

    One of my hobbies is dabbling in social networking and I use iliveisl.com and our spokeperson, Ener Hax, as the focus of these efforts. Part of that strategy is using Flickr for images to help in SEO.  Since Flickr is owned by Yahoo, it’s impact can be substantial. Especially with our 5,000 Second Life images!

    Take a moment and let your inner child come out and play, it’s rather refreshing!  =D

    See the blog post on deregulation in French or in English.


    everyone loves good poutine!

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    Linden Lab fallout from Jokay’s take Down Notice 

    I read about the Take Down notice served to Jokay Wollongong by Linden Lab. It’s a shame they chose not to nurture such an evangelist who has opened many educators eyes to the wonderful things you can do with Second Life.

    Jokay may have been knocked down but she is obviously standing now and bringing a lot of attention to Reaction Grid. Her experience running events on her 4 Second Life sims plus her incredible Second Life talent and knowledge is 100% transferable to Reaction Grid. She already has set up her meetings there!

    This is a great addition to Reaction Grid and has also become a beacon which illuminates alternatives.

    I felt stuck with Second Life as being the only good virtual world out there for eLearning (I was even asked to help the Taiwan government re-establish their virtual presence). And my commitment is strong to Second Life and for many people, corporations, and colleges and universities, Second Life is still a top choice. The amount of resident created content is incredible as is the pool of talented builders, event planners, and facilities.

    As you may know, some of the public social places we have on the iliveisl estate are used by corporations for meetings. We have two Fortune 500 companies that hold meetings on our estate and we enjoy being able to provide that. I have entertained the idea of offering separate sims (not attached to the iliveisl estate) that are 100% focused on the eLearning community. Throughout the past year, Ener Hax has graciously donated the equivalent of about $700 USD of land to purely educational efforts (University of Glascow Medical School, the eLearning Guild, University of Texas at Dallas, eBay, Sun Microsystems).

    There is an obvious need for resources that are not quite what Linden Lab offers. The people that Ener has worked with do not need an entire sim, nor do they need it month to month. Some have needed a small 4,096 sm parcel for 4 months, some a quarter sim for a week, and so on. Right now it’s a bit of a risk for a big company or institution to simple pay tiers for a parcel for a short time. They can never be sure of the estate owner’s reputation (one such person to come our way had their massive build returned to them for being a day late in their tier – 3 weeks of work returned due to greed – something that we would never do – especially since we have donated that space!) or of the neighbors and so on.

    Step in the terrible treatment of a valued customer (well, she would be valued by any other business) and it’s ripple in the virtual community has opened up new options. A seemingly good offering to the eLearning community that I deal with is a plan that costs $295 the first month (compare to $1000) and then $75 a month afterwards (compare to $295). This will set you up with as many as 4 sims that can hold 25 people. For my clients, that is ideal. There is even a lower priced plan that would be ideal if you are looking to use my eLearning practices and it is only $25 a month for 15 avatars and 8,000 prims.

    I am looking at their reseller offering and may shape one for the eLearning community that would allow for the mixing and matching of several different pre-made islands and a variety of buildings, stages, classrooms, and meeting spaces.

    So what looked like a poor move (indeed, it was a poor move) has opened up viable options to the eLearning community. Thank you Jokay for your grace, eloquence, and resolve. Your passion is unstoppable!

    Show your love to Jokay by following her on Twitter @jokay and reading her blog!

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